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“Your Goal is my Goal”

The history of therapeutic bandaging dates back to Greek and Roman times, that is 2500 years, with that famous episode in the Iliad where Achilles bandages Patroclus’ arm and dresses his wounds. Bandaging or dressing is, by definition, the application of bandages or dressings over an injured area to limit the damage, range of movement to encourage healing.

Over the past thirty years, different non-elastic and elastic bandaging techniques have been developed in different parts of the world yet all of these methods are rooted in the same concept: the application of compression to different parts of the body. It wasn’t until the 1970s that newer techniques appeared, used mainly in sports, which involved application of an elastic adhesive tape at various tension levels. Here again, the stimulus imparted is compression.

Starting in 2003, I developed the NeuroMuscular decompressive and compressive taping technique – concepts that set this technique apart from other types of taping and bandaging. Indeed, this has become an innovative rehabilitation technique, based on a specific line of clinical reasoning and a new method of application.

In 2012 I established the NeuroMuscular Taping Institute LLC in the US to offer the best resources and education for professionals in the USA. It later created SAVA in 2014 to offer the most valuable live and online education on taping. It offers 18 different training programs in continuing education.

The founding passion of the Institute is to provide medical professionals working in rehabilitation innovative and effective treatment protocol skills that improve patients’ overall treatment results and their quality of life.

As anyone who works in medicine, your goal is to improve patients’ overall treatment results and quality of life. Thereby our primary objective is to provide medical education to maintain high quality standards and to improve short- and long-term rehabilitative care.

Hoping that our goals match your goals


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-David Blow