The NeuroMuscular Taping Institute is a result of founder David Blow’s passion for providing medical professionals working in rehabilitation with innovative and effective treatment protocols and skills that improve patients’ overall treatment results and quality of life. The institute was founded in 2003 in Italy and its headquarters are in Rome. It currently has eight teachers and offers over eighty courses a year. David personally teaches over 1200 physical therapists a year in courses at hospitals, clinics, universities, and private clinics. Because the NeuroMuscular Taping Concept (NMTConcept) is widely accepted and applied by hospitals as well as private practices, David decided to establish a US branch in 2011 to introduce the NMTConcept to medical professionals in the US to meet the needs of patients undergoing rehabilitation.

Mission Statement

At the NeuroMuscular Taping institute, we are committed to creating innovative continuing education programs to help medical treatment rehabilitation services offer the best therapy possible. Our goal is to improve patients’ overall treatment results and quality of life by using our treatment protocols to maximize patients’ rehabilitation time, reduce pain, and enable patients to achieve active and healthy lifestyles. Our primary objective is to provide medical education to maintain high quality standards and to improve short- and long-term rehabilitative care. Our varied education program together in combination with our teaching professionals will guide medical staff in gaining new treatment skills. The programs are designed to ensure that professional therapists acquire the best skills possible.


Our philosophy is to use clear and comprehensive educational programs to offer NeuroMuscular Taping as a flexible technique that can be integrated with many other neurological and physical therapies, such as PNF, osteopathy, chiropractic, occupational therapies, and all types of therapeutic exercise and manual therapies. NeuroMuscular Taping is a method of treatment developed in Europe that has successfully been used in hospitals and clinics by doctors and therapists specializing in post-operative, orthopedic, oncological, and neurological care of patients as well as in sports medicine.

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