The NeuroMuscular Taping Therapautic rehabilitation treatment system

The Neuromuscular Taping is a technique of facilitation/inhibition of neuromuscular activation and lymphatic vascular and structural support that promotes the activation of self-healing processes of the body. By applying an external tape on the ski nit will create concentric or eccentric action on the body inducing a proprioceptive stimulation on the autonomic nervous system. It is a very innovative technique, which despite having some evidence to date has got a strong clinical value associated with excellent results and therapeutic evidence. It is used to support the different methods adopted in a context of functional rehabilitation and in some cases may be used as the only treatment option.


The history of the use of bandages for therapeutic purposes dates back to Greek and Roman times with the well-known Iliad where Achilles bandages the arm and wounds of Patroclus (500BC). A bandage technique is defined as the application of a bandage that compresses the wound and limits further damage and movement. The technique of a certain type of taping started at the end of the 70s through the intuition of a Japanese chiropractor Murai that diffused the application of a tape with the purpose of facilitating movement. In 1980, another Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase, in the wake of Dr. Murai developed a taping application as an external stimulation to and helping muscles without restricting movement. Its application is widespread throughout the world, especially for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. The technique is based on stretching an elastic tape, with various tension levels, applied over the muscles to be treated, which produces a concentric stimulus creating facilitation or inhibition and is used mainly in sports areas.

In 2003 David Blow, in Italy, modifies a concentric taping technique proposing for the first time the concept of a tape applying an eccentric action on the skin and muscle by means of a decompression and dilation taping method. This method known as NeuroMuscular Taping differs from other methods for this particular action of expansion, dilation and eccentric stimulus lengthening muscles, vascular and lymphatic pathways. This particolar method of application, known only for a few years, is used in hospitals and clinics in the rehabilitation of orthopedic, neurological and oncological pathologies and situations. Such a method improves rehabilitation reducing time and suffering which is the ultimate therapeutic goal for anyone working in the medical field. Currently the NeuroMuscular Taping therapy is known in Italy, in some European countries and recently in the USA through the exapnsion of the Institute (Headquarters in Rome and New York) which coverns correct training programs throughout the world.

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