Psychosocial and medical rehabilitation of landmine and war casualties, patients with pain and other vulnerable groups 

Projects location n° of beneficiaries MDGS

Continuous education of medical professionals at Community Based Rehabilitation Centers (CBR) for Landmine Casualty Rehabilitation in BH – Continuation Phase II (ITF, HOPE’87) Countrywide 7,370 Goal 4

Country representative

Fikret KARKIN – Civil Engineer


Bosnia and Herzegovina


Over the past 18 years in Bosnia and Herzegovina, HOPE’87 has established, effective programs for rehabilitation of landmine and war casualties, amputees, war-disabled children, patients with pain and neglected youth. This was made possible through the generous support of UNESCO, the Austrian Federal Government, the International Trust Fund (ITF), the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Swiss Development Cooperation Agency and the aid of many private donors.

In its efforts to help as many disabled persons as possible, in cooperation with the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Health Ministry and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Srpska, HOPE’87 established the first pain Therapy Polyclinic in Sarajevo.


The clinic offers a systematic approach to the treatment of those many patients there with their special needs. In addition, training for local medical personnel in pain therapy is also part of the program. In order to facilitate an international platform for the exchange of experiences, HOPE’87 is also actively supporting the foundation of the association for the Therapy of Pain (APT-BH)


Continuing training of local medical professionals for Community Based Rehabilitation Centers (CBR) for rehabilitation of landmine casualties in BH – Continuation Phase II

The current project outlines a plan that facilitates the rehabilitation of disabled patients throughout the country by means of training local medical personnel, hence creating rehabilitation teams. This project is based on positive outcomes and requests generated by previous projects financed by the ITF, which have been able to provide much needed medical services for many disabled people in Sarajevo.

The goal of this project is to bring the quality of medical rehabilitation services for landmine victims in BH up to internationally accepted standards. Improvement of treatments, with a special emphasis on specific techniques in physiotherapy and access to the international experience of the medical personnel in CBRs will enhance all landmine casualty rehabilitation services in BH.


Project 1 – NeuroMuscular Taping

In collaboration with David Blow and the NeuroMuscular Taping Institute

Special thanks to Branko Erić

Date: 2-3 April 2011

Selected doctor and physiotherapist candidates attended the 2-day NeuroMuscular Taping training sessions conducted in collaboration with the Ministries of Health of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Srpska, the coordinators for the CBRs in the FBH and the Republic of Srpska as well the directors of the selected CBRs.


12 CBRs in key positions were selected for a total of 24 medical staff divided equally between physicians and physiotherapists (6 from FBIH and 6 from the Republic of Srpska) so as to provide medical services training to 12 rehabilitation teams for the establishment of NeuroMuscular Taping methods.


Project Target Groups

Direct beneficiaries:

Qualified medical professionals specializing in the field of treating landmine casualties were involved. 58 key trainers and 60 medical professionals and members of rehabilitation teams from all 60 CBRs (38 in FBIH and 22 in RS)

Indirect beneficiaries:

Landmine casualties

– 3500 landmine casualties in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will receive treatment

– 3752 landmine casualties in Republic Srpska will receive treatment

– There are 7252 landmine casualties in both countries

– According to the current database, 1760 landmine casualties receive no adequate medical rehabilitation or have no access to physical therapy or pain therapy.


Government Authorities

• Hon. Dr. Goran Cerkez, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health Federation BH

• Hon. Dr. Milan Latinovic, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Republic of Srpska

Diplomatic Representatives

• H.E. Ambassador Dr. Donatus Köck, Ambassador of Austria to Bosnia-Herzegovina

• H.E. Ambassador Futao Motai, Ambassador of Japan to Bosnia-Herzegovina

• H.E. Ambassador Haris Hrle, Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina to Austria



• Mr Roman Tursic, Head of the Implementation Office in Bosnia Herzegovina, ITF (International Trust Fund for Assistance to Landmine Casualties)

• Mr Duan Gavran, Director, BHMAC (Bosnian National Landmine Action Center)


• Handicap International

• Landmine Survivors Network

• Mercy Corps

• Red Cross / Red Crescent BiH

• Stop Mines

• Union of Civil War Victims

• Union of Military War Victims

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