Stage 1

Duration: 2 days, 18 hours
Target Audience: Physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, occupational therapist assistants, doctors, sports medicine professionals, students
Maximum Partecipants: 25
Course material: Workbook, tape, scissors

Day 1

  • NeuroMuscular Taping: concepts, theory, and application techniques
  • Practical applications: compression and decompression
    • Muscles of the upper limb: deltoid, trapezius, biceps brachii, flexors and extensors of the hand
    • Application and management of hemiplegic upper limb paralysis
    • Lower back: sacrospinalis, lower back pain
    • Applications in tendonitis, Achilles tendon, gastrocnemius
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome Discussion

Day 2

  • Practical applications
    • Quadriceps femoral techniques: compression and decompression
    • Pathology of the lower limbs: knee bursitis, management of knee replacement, injury of the medial collateral knee, meniscus syndrome, patellar tendonitis, knee arthritis, patellofemoral pathology, patellar iperpression
    • Conditions of the upper limbs: shoulder bursitis, frozen shoulder arthritis, post surgery shoulder management, adhesive capsulitis, dysfunction of the scapular–humeral complex, cervicobrachialgia, instability of the shoulder
    • Discussion

Stage 1 covers the following certified treatment protocols

NMTC-KR#1         Knee replacement
NMTC-ACL#1        Post ACL knee surgery
NMTC-PT#1         Patellar tendonitis

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