Why would your clinic be interested in NMTConcept?

Your clinic offers comprehensive rehabilitation service care for patients with trauma, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and a variety of neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, and chronic neurological degenerative conditions. Every treatment program must offer each individual with a disability to live with maximum self-sufficiency and mobility. National leaders in their treatment area ensure multispecialized ongoing programs open to innovation.

Our goal is to help you do that better

Integrating NeuroMuscular Taping into your rehabilitation programs, whether surgical, trauma or neurological based, will improve your overall results helping your hospital structure maintain the highest standards possible. Important inroads have been made into neurological rehabilitation of stroke, brain and spinal cord trauma and degenerative neurological conditions.

Research projects and clinical trials

In your specific area of Rehabilitation Medicine your service makes little reference to physical rehabilitation orientated clinical trials. NeuroMuscular Taping may help include these important areas into your hospitals yearly research program.

NeuroMuscular Taping: Bringing together World class clinical and rehabilitation care and research

NeuroMuscular Taping offers clear cut methodology and treatment to optimise treatment outcomes. Objectives of the clinical trials will be:

  • improving patient autonomy
  • reducing pain
  • improving range of movement
  • offering non pharmacological treatment in reducing inflammation (in patients who have complicated drug treatment issues).

NeuroMuscular Taping Research programs

Follows are some possible areas where Clinical Research, Trial Programs or Clinical Trials may be organizzed:

  • Trial program in improving multiple sclerosis autonomy
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Improving knee replacement rehabilitation
  • Treatment of Seroma formation and breast replacement/surgery
  • Hand surgery rehabilitation
  • Amputation – phantom pain rehabilitation
  • Scar tissue treatments
  • Reumatoid arthritis

Continuing Education Program

All hospitals and rehabilitation clinics have an obligation to a continuing Quality Improvement Agreement. NeuroMuscular Taping will help you to increase your therapy options covering more therapeutic areas than before. Incorporating innovation and results to your training agenda.

Comprehensive course outlines in NeuroMuscular Taping together with continuing upgrading in advanced and special subject area courses makes the NMTConcepT an excellent teaching modality that may be introduced into an ongoing Continuing Education Program. The current course brings together tecnical knowhow and hands on pratical training with International case studies to impove not only current knowledge but skill formation in physical rehabilitation promoting the highest quality of patient care. The current training program is fruit of years long experience in on site therapist training sessions assuring the maintenance of both quality and patient safety.

NMTConcepT Program activities encompass a broad range of comprehensive topics based on the needs of continuing to upgrade rehabilitation helping the community that it serves.

Continuing Education NMTConcepT Programs may include:

  • Post graduate training program. To give newly qualified professionals a treatment skill helping them entering day to day treatment objectives.
  • Graduate (last year) training program. To improve students knowledge and under standing of functional anatomy.
  • Onsite or inhouse training programs. To improve therapist competencies, enhance performance-in-practice, introducing innovative techniques and ultimately improve the outcomes of patient care.
  • Specialized treatment programs. Occupational therapy, lymphatic therapies, vascular and special surgical rehabilitation care.
  • Specialized protocol treatment program, covering standard protocol treatment procedures for common mainstream post and pre-surgical rehabilitation.
  • Yearly upgrades and revision of protocolled treatment program. Yearly upgrade to improve therapeutic techniques and maintain high standards of patient care outcomes. Updating current knowledge through ellaboration and expansion of the International clinical trial data base.

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