Rehabilitation and Therapeutic solutions

As outlined in our Mission Statement – “the NeuroMuscular Taping Institute is committed to creating innovative therapeutic programs to help medical rehabilitation treatment services offer the best therapy possible.”

Our goal is to improve patients’ overall treatment results and quality of life. Our primary objective is to provide medical education to maintain high quality standards and to improve short- and long-term rehabilitative care.

Our other objectives include:

  • Use our treatment protocols to maximize patients’ rehabilitation time
  • Reduction of pain and overuse of medication
  • Improvement of mobility and increased autonomy
  • Improvement of patient compliance in ongoing therapy
  • 24-hour therapeutic benefit
  • Achievement of active and healthy lifestyles for patients

NeuroMuscular Taping Institute’s continuing education courses bring innovative treatment protocols and structured rehabilitation programs together. These form the groundwork for your clinic or hospital to achieve the goals outlined above.

The NeuroMuscular Taping Institute, as an educational body, is available for organizing and developing specific research and clinical treatment projects. Our research aim is to create rehabilitation and therapeutic solutions. Interest from Universities, Hospitals, research institutions, research partnerships and interested persons are welcome. Donations may be accepted for specific research. Research grant interests are most welcome in the area of:

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Development of specific ongoing rehabilitative care projects for degenerative neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis
  • Development of specific ongoing rehabilitative care projects for lymphedema
  • Home care rehabilitation programs

Interested persons may contact the project director at

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