Maurizio Mazzarini
University Polyclinic A. Gemelli di Roma Università Cattolica del Sacro cuore
Rome, Italy


  • Observe improvements in shoulder ROM and function in patients affected by Impingement Syndrome after four NeuroMuscular Taping protocol treatment sessions
  • Substantial acceleration of physiological recovery times with drastically reduced costs and treatment times

Patient History

65-year-old female diagnosed with tendinopathy of the supraspinatus, loss of structural homogeneity and tendinopathy of the long head of the biceps muscle on the right shoulder.

Active Functional Movements Prior to Application of NeuroMuscular Taping

On the first visit, the patient with pain accompanying each movement, was able to:

  1. Elevate the arm forward approximately 130°
  2. Abduct the shoulder approximately 45°

The patient also had trouble fastening her bra and in bringing her hand behnd her head.


The sole therapy employed was NeuroMuscular Taping: Two weeks of treatment with NeuroMuscular Taping only, without any type of manually or mechanically aided therapy. Double fan on shoulder.


After four applications over two weeks, the patient was able to:

  1. Elevate the arm forward 180°
  2. Abduct the shoulder through 90° with improvement of scapulothoracic compensation
  3. Bring the arm behind the head more functionally and without compensatory movements
  4. Manage to fasten her bra

All of the above was performed without pain. Therefore, the NeuroMuscular Taping method may be considered an effective support for shoulder conflict syndrome treatment offering significant reductions in costs and treatment times. Progress in improvement of ROM and movement function of the upper limb with four sessions over two weeks.

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